Our POS and software is the fastest payment solution on the market and allows you to make better business decisions. With easy access to sales data and forecasting tools, our solution gives an overview of both how well your canteens sell, which products they sell most and also seasonal shopping trends.

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I am 100% dependent on our POS to make everyday life run.

-Julie Wilen, Køkkenchef, Sodexo

All canteens are unique, but many methods are often the same

With a focus on eliminating free lunch, reducing administration and queuing, we have developed a unique POS system that gives you the following benefits:

Full control – all day long

Keep a cool overview of the canteen’s flow with easy access to today’s current turnover.

Automatic menu shift

Based on just your canteen’s flow and rush hour, we set the screens so that they completely eliminate the need for your administration.

Reduce operating errors

With daily and professional monitoring and your POS, you can calmly and safely focus on what matters. If you have any problems, you can contact us from 6am in the morning.

Flexible payment solution tomorrow.

Online, offline and mobile payment? We meet all your payment dreams.

A selection of our best features

Personal screen setup

All canteens are different. A screen setup that supports your canteen’s workflow, gives you the freedom to focus on the kitchen work as well as the well-being of the employees and guests.

Flexible payment solution

Payroll, lunch cards, MobilePay, Dankort, QR tickets? Everything is possible with our POS, and regardless of payment solution your guests have easy access to pay for the food. In addition to the measurable improvements in the elimination of free lunches, you can remotely watch while your guests enjoy the food.