Spectacular – Quickest
4G – Competitive price

  • Beautiful design dedicated to your canteen
  • 4G, the end of network problems
  • 4 times faster than normal POS
  • Competitive price
  • … self-service kiosk inmKiosk



Payment or registration that fits into your canteen environment

  • no computer power and LAN, just a regular power plug

  • between 3 1⁄2 to 4 times faster than traditional POS systems

  • Surface

  • matches the canteen environment

  • comes in 3 sizes where the model D shown is the largest

  • available in selected types of solid wood

  • super simple registration, without running costs per day per transaction

  • backlighting that matches the colors of the canteen

  • extremely competitive prices

Personal screen setup

Make the best business decisions. With easy access to sales data and forecasting tools, our solution
provides an overview of how good your canteens sell, what products they sell most of, as well as
seasonal shopping trends.

Flexible payment solution

Payroll, lunch cards, MobilePay, Dankort? Everything is possible with our system, and regardless of payment solution your guests have easy access to pay for the food. In addition to the measurable improvements in the elimination of free lunches, you can remotely watch while your guests enjoy the food.