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Meals and services are no longer reserved for conferences and special guests. They are an integral part of your guests’ ways of holding meetings. The complexity and hence the administration often increases in Company Houses and business schools, where the orders are many, changeable and come from different cost centers. This complexity is solved by our meeting service module, which fully automates the flow from creating order to billing.

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Before INM I spent three days billing. Now I spend an hour.

All canteens are unique, but the methods are often the same

It must be easy to order meeting service and even easier for the canteen staff to exercise this service. With the focus on reducing the complexity setups, you will receive the following benefits with our solution:

Planning help

Get full control of intelligent shopping lists and a solid overview of the month, week, and day meeting service. It gives you peace of mind to focus on giving the guest an excellent experience.

Eliminate administration

Say goodbye to receiving orders via e-mail, opening PDFs and Excel sheets. Welcome to an automated meeting service ordering system that eliminates hours of administration associated with editing, receiving, billing and posting orders.

Increase earnings

With a few clicks, you have insight into both revenue and profit divided between goods and customer groups. By controlling the purchasing costs earnings can be increased.

Optimize your communication

Save time sending your guests emails every time you receive orders or when there are changes. Automated receipts and a flexible communication tool ensure that you are welcoming and service-oriented without costing precious time.

A selection of our best features

Effective communication with the guests

Say goodbye to everyday disruptions with a tool that streamlines communication with the guests. With a few clicks, both you and your guests can agree on a given order, and if there are changes to the order, it is easily handled in the system.

Significantly reduced billing time with integration to the ERP system

If you receive more than 10 catering requests a week, you can safely save hours on administration related to obtaining, reconciling and invoicing orders from your guests.